Welcome to Elorn (ē-lorn)

Church of theaye

Five years after the Great Civil War the Church of Theaye seeks to reestablish its dominance over the heart of Elorn. The Free City of Shatizar’s influence grows. The (now) independent city of Thain aims to solidify its own identity.

While political maneuvers happen on a large scale, something is happening in the sleepy town of Morse Bluff. Eerie noises issue from an abandoned mine, families disappear, and strangers frequent the taverns…


The sage, Aloiven, uncovers a prophecy that warns of shadows that will spread over Elorn like locusts over fields. The details are foggy, but she sees the unearthing of an ancient weapon. “That which once was salvation, shall bring destruction.” She’s divined that the end will “start with a ripple in a forgotten golden well.” But as with all such prophesies there is hope. Aloiven sees heroes emerge. Heroes that would change the fate of Elorn…

Be ye heroes

The World of Elorn

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