The History of Elorn

The History of Elorn

The Age of Creation (- 10,000 to – 9,500)

  • The Gods populate Elorn. Each creates a race to inhabit the world. Some are created in their likenesses, like elves, dwarves, and humans—-others more monstrous…
  • As these races compete for resources and dominance, the Gods share divine magic with their creations.

The Age of Discovery (- 9,499 to – 4,500)

  • Elves discover arcane magic and start expanding their kingdoms to create the Elvish Republic, retreating to the isolation of forests.
  • Dwarves discover the arts of the forge and mine, retreating underground to fortify their kingdoms against the outside world.
  • Humans succumb to some of their baser instincts. They form nomadic tribes, often warring with one another. These tribes must also contend with evil humanoids and goblinoids.

The Golden Age (- 4,499 to – 1500)

  • The elves flourish during the first two centuries of the Republic.
  • The dwarves begin to trade with humans and elves.
  • Humans begin forming permanent settlements that grow into towns and cities.
  • Overall this is a period of unprecedented stability, prosperity and expansion for the “civilized” races…

The Age of Dragons (- 1,499 to – 501)

  • One of the races created by the Gods that slumbered, awakes…The Dragons. Some blame the dwarves for mining too deep, some believe that the dragons were the divine wrath of the gods themselves, other reason that the eggs of the dragons just needed to hatch. Whatever the case, the Age of Dragons begins.
  • The Malliath, the father dragon, forges the Dragon Alliance to destroy the Elvish empire. Evil humanoids flock to serve the dragons, providing them with an almost unlimited army.
  • The Dragon War begins. Dragons conquer and enslave several Elvish kingdoms.
  • Emboldened by their successes, orcs, goblins, and other evil humanoids begin forming strong kingdoms of their own, often on the razed cities of man and elf.
  • The elves seek the help the dwarves, only to be turned away. Rebuffed by the dwarves they turn to the humans, forging the Sunlight Accord (the name a slight against the dwarves). The alliance unites several human tribes with the elves.
  • The elves share much of what they know with the humans, including arcane magic. In the minds of the elves, the human race would thrive and serve as a buffer between the elven nations and the evil humanoids of the world. The elves saw no real harm in this as humans possess such a short life span. Little did the elves know, humans bred rapidly and the survival rate of births was much higher than that of elves. Human population explodes.
  • Meanwhile, the dwarves again retreat underground becoming more isolated as the world above seems to turn on itself.
  • Tav Theaye (thay), wielding Drakenwoe, emerges as a hero for the humans. He leads his armies against he dragons and their allies, scoring victory after victory. Whispers claim that he is the chosen of the gods.
  • Malliath’s Dragon Alliance weakens due to dragon infighting. The weaken Dragon Lords cannot withstand the Sunlight Accord. In the climatic battle Tav Theaye stands against Malliath. The two are destroyed in the fight and Tav’s legend grows.

The Age of Shadow (- 500 to 1500 TR)

  • The elves retreat again to the sanctuary of their forests leaving mankind to dominate Elorn.
  • The human tribes disband forming a number of petty kingdoms based on their old tribal affiliations. Wars rage as these nations seek dominance over one another.
  • Humans manipulate arcane magic unlocking a new understanding of how to use magic and discover necromancy.
  • The Free City of Shatizar is built upon the ruins of the elvish city held by the Dragon Malliath. Its patron god, Neria, protects it from outside forces and the city flourishes.
  • The church of Theaye comes into being. It forms around the idea that Tav Theaye was martyred for all mankind, so they could escape the manacles of the dragons. It becomes very influential, as it is seen as a beacon of light and hope during the dark ages. The holy city of Townshed becomes the capitol of Theawell, a nation built by the church. The Theayemites allow a secular monarch, but ensure that its interests are at the forefront of all major decisions. In fact, each monarch is advised by the high priest of the church.
  • The Church starts a new calendar and begins marking time in Theaye Reckoning (TR).
  • Several human kingdoms align because of the constant threat from the uncivilized races looking to take from these kingdoms as they are weakened by warring on each other. These kingdoms, led by Theawell, create the Eighth Guardian, an artifact powered by a “key” from each kingdom. With the power of the Eighth Guardian, the humanoids are pushed back and forced to the fringes of humanity.

The Age of Prosperity (1,501 TR to 2,012 TR)

  • Human Kingdoms are now safe to expand and flourish.
  • The Human kingdoms secure their boarders and deactivate the Eighth Guardian. Each Kingdom in the Alliance takes a key for future need and to ensure no one nation has control of the the artifact. The Church of Theaye secreted the dormant Eighth Guardian away.
  • Shatizar become a major seafaring and trade city. This often brings it into conflict with the nation of Theawell.
  • The Age of Prosperity ends with civil war and bloodshed as the internal politics of Theawell finally come to a head. The two most influential cities in Theawell. Thain, the second most populous and influential city in Theawell, was slowly beginning to chaff at the rule of the “puppet monarch” whose seat of power was Townshed. Thain had long enjoyed a sort of quasi-independence from the oligarchy in Townshed. As Thain builds close diplomatic relations with Shatizar, the rulers in Townshed get nervous and decide to reestablish their control over Thain. The Civil War lasts nearly 20 years, as many of the kingdoms on Elorn joined the battle. Many of them coming to the aid of Thain, seeing Thain’s independence as a way to limit or break Theawell’s dominance of the world.

The Current Age (2013 TR)

  • The Civil War between Townshed and Thain has just ended.
  • Thain emerges victorious thanks to their allies and internal squabbling in Townshed itself.
  • The History of Elorn

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