The races of Elorn tend to be xenophobic. A xenophobia that often blurs the lines of racism.

Medieval city by silviudinu d5dz9af Humans are the predominate and dominate race in Elorn. They rule Elorn’s heartlands, ply her oceans, and dominate trade-routes.

Game-play: Humans gain a bonus die to any ability and the trait—Human.

Tall trees by ralph horsley Elves are uncommon. At one time they sought to help humankind, only to have that help perverted and twisted into something foreign to them, thus they retreated to the woods and left mankind to their own devices.

Game-play: Elves gain a bonus die to Agility or Intellect and the trait—Elf.

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Dwarf hold Dwarves are uncommon, as well. They have survived and thrived as isolationist. While they frequently trade with other races, their detachment from the rest of the world is undeniable.

Game-play: Dwarvess gain a bonus die to Toughness or Spirit and the trait—Dwarf.

Shirefinal950 Halflings are seen in some of the more “comfortable” human cities, but most live in communities called communes made up of their own kind.

Game-play: Halflings gain a bonus die to Agility or Spirit and the trait—Halfling.

Gnome workshop Gnomes are a strange and shy race. They often actively avoid contact with others, living in their own fantastic cities filled with windmills, waterwheels, and workshops where they spend most of their time tinkering with magic, metal, and gadgets.

Game-play: Gnomes gain a bonus die to Intellect or Spirit and the trait—Gnome.

Half elf Half-breeds are rare and often hated/distrusted (yes that includes half elves). Most seek to hide their bastard heritage by blending into their mother’s society. Half-orcs are monsters.

Game-play: Half-breeds gain a bonus die to any ability and the trait—Half-breed.

Half orc male female

Most other races are met with open animosity that can often turn to outright hostility.

Game-play: Other races gain no bonus die but gain the trait—Nonhuman.

A Note on Adventurers

Adventurers (as opposed to heroes) are often met with haughty indifference by the normal populace. They accept adventurers for the coin they spend and the good some of them do, but all too often it is an adventuring group that unleashes some hell onto the world that eats nice normal folks after it slays the fools that released it.


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